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Some random info about me:
Wife, Mother, Photographer, Chocolate lover.

In 2008, I decided I had to do work that fills my heart. The rest is History.
With over a decade of experience in wedding and portrait photography, I've started teaching, mentoring and speaking at conferences. I absolutely love helping other photographers, creatives and business owners find inspiration and achieve their goals. I have been featured in publications online as well as magazines.
My Style: My favorite images are the ones that are not perfectly polished but those that evoke emotion. Images that make you feel something when you see them. I'm not a photoshop artist but rather a storyteller. My job is to put into images what others put into words.
Crying kids are always welcome! I love the challenge of photographing children, families and weddings. I'm passionate about people and relationships. Photography allows me to showcase the beauty I see in the people I photograph.