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Mentoring options


 After years of continuing my education as a photographer and all things business, I'm so excited to help other photographers learn and grow. 

1 Hour Refine: 

In a 1-hour session, we will identify the areas of your photography business that need the most support. I will be your biggest cheerleader to encourage and bring out your greatness. My guess is you’re already pretty darn brilliant and super creative but perhaps you need a little direction to launch and or grow your business, I can help with that! These sessions are typically a 1-hour coffee meeting or video chat.

6 Hour Refine and Rally: 

With this program, we will dive deep into the areas of your photography business that present the biggest challenges for you, whether business or technical. This is a custom full day mentoring opportunity. Together we will identify your values, strengths, ideal clients, marketing strategies and more.  We will design a plan and work through the barriers together to achieve the results you crave. Our day typically begins with coffee and snacks as we dive deep into your photography business. We can use our time together to work on a business plan, marketing strategies, social media, shooting in manual, lighting, posting, portfolio building, portfolio clique, styled shoot, etc.

Group Mentoring: 

8 hour day, 2-8 people. Sign up with a friend or peer and save! The first part of our day will be breakfast and basics. I’ll provide a light breakfast, coffee, and mimosas and we’ll go over everything from shooting, posing, lighting, workflow, editing, client management, emails, social media, etc. I won’t just tell you what you need to do I’ll show you how to do it. We’ll break for lunch and dine together at one of my favorite spots, where we can talk shop as a group while we eat. The second half will be on location for a styled shoot to build your portfolio and learn hands-on. This program can be completely customized to the group's needs. 

Upcoming Group mentoring date:

2020 Dates coming soon